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Did you made a new years resolution? How did it turned out? if you’re like many people you didn’t get so far, as per studies only 8% of the people keep there resolutions. There are many reasons for this, changing our behavior is hard and not so many people can do it successfully. This is huge problem as the main reason for chronic diseases is not genetic but the behavioral, i.e people making wrong choices about diet, physical activity, sleep and other lifestyle factors.WE DON’T NEED MORE INFORMATION OR MORE DOCTORS TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

Its tempting to think that we can solve the problem simply by educating people about the changes to make. But it is proven that knowledge is not enough to support lasting behavior change. If it was we wouldn’t have divorced marriage counselors, doctors smoking cigarettes, and crazy shrinks.Most of the People know that eating poorly, not exercising, not getting enough sleep, engaging in some unhealthy lifestyle habits is not good for them. Yet they continue this behavior anyway or else find a quick fix which not last for more than a 2/3 week.What about the doctors? Should they be the one to solve these all problems?

Doctors are expert in solving serious acute diseases but when it come to long term behavior changes like losing weight, managing stress, improving lifestyle, eating real food they will never train people in making lasting behavior changes. The same is true with other healthcare professional, nurse practitioners or physicians assistants.


If more information or more doctors wont solve the problem what will?People want to feel good, avoid chronic diseases and live a long life. They want to see there children and grandchildren grow and have energy to play with them. They want to perform better at work, enjoy their relationships and be well enough to get the most out of life. But there is a big difference between wanting the benefits of being healthy and consistently engaging in the behaviors that lead to health.There where Health Coaches come in. They are trained in number of disciplines that support people in making lasting change. They are also trained to work in a more collaborative way then just expert approach that is common in medicine.In this collaborative approach, the coach acts as a partner or ally, encourages clients to discover their own solutions and become their own advocate and supports them in developing the skills they need to embrace new behaviors. This empowers the client to become primary driver of change. It also empowers self confidence, self awareness and self actuation all which are essential for long term change.Studies shows success rate of the people increased by involving Health coaches by 1000% in their life also reduction of chronic diseases severe pain heart problems etc.


I’m not telling that health coaches can replace Doctors. Doctors or licensed clinicians will always be required for lab test, analyse those diseases, diagnose them, prescribe the treatment and coordinate care. Doctors aren’t trained to do behavioral change.The writing is on the wall. Chronic disease are destroying our lifespan, bankrupting our country and threatening the future of generations. its clearer than ever that our disease management system which are designed to addresses medical emergencies and other acute disease are not prepared for the challenge of chronic diseases. We desperately needs solution, one that is affordable, timely and suitable for the task on hand.

In short we need health coach.

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