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Harshal 27 M , Pune

I have been with Pragya for 2 months now and thanks to her have been turning my life round. I have lost nearly 10 kgs of weight and have also re found the appreciation towards life.

Yogesh 36 M , Mumbai

Pragya has been a saviour for me in more than one sense. When I met her I was on the verge of depression. Her unique outlook has helped me become fit and find a new direction for my future.

Kalyani 49 F, Kolkata

A divine intervention is what I will call her. She has started me on the path to achieve my body the way it was prior to my two kids. 

Charles 55 M, France

Even after the fact that we are in completely different time zones, she has made sure that I stick to the routine she has drawn up for me. I can happily say you are not just a coach but a good friend of mine now.

Sarojini 74 F, Bhopal

She is such a sweetheart but can be so serious when it comes to Health and Fitness related stuff. I for one love her various recipes that she makes it also helps that she is the one responsible to help me regain some use of my limbs over the past 1 year

Jincy 18 F, Goa

I came to know about her through a friend of mine. Pragya has been really helpful in addressing my weight issue and eating disorder. I look forward to our sessions in the future as well. Thank you Pragya.

Manoj 34 M, New Delhi

I have been struggling with my problem of Alcoholism for many years. In fact I was so bad that I couldn't go sober for even a single night and had started treating it like a necessity for sleep. Pragya is the one who was able to help me with this. I had a relapse once but since then due to her strict routine and counselling, I am now sober since past 4 months.

Sandhya 29 F, Bangalore

I have always been a lithe build body type. Since my childhood, I have been suffering from hyper metabolism resulting in me being thin even beyond average and as a result have been brunt of many body shaming statements which adversely affected my temperament and my lifestyle. Pragya here helped me gain the weight and get in shape over a period of 1 year. She also was responsible for me to gain my confidence and be happy in my own skin literally bringing me out of my depression.

Prakhar 26M, Bhopal

At Etrecoeur, coach Pragya will guide you towards your total well being- both mind and body. She considers every individual as unique and accordingly figures out solutions for each and everyone of them, rather than having a generalised concept for health management like most of the traditional programs out there. She really takes a personal interest in improving your lifestyle and making you understand the priority of health in your life.
I personally have experienced the benefits of the program and I highly recommend that people should atleast take up the complimentary phone consultation, share their problems and if they find it to their liking go ahead with the program.