Does Your Comfort Zone Feel So Uncomfortable?

Why do we call it a comfort zone when it sucks so much?

We call it a familiar zone, because that’s really what it is. There’s nothing comfortable about staying small, keeping yourself “safe” by not stretching yourself or doing anything new.

We evolved to seek familiar circumstances, events, and people, because that’s what we need to do in order to survive…back when our daily lives consisted of hunting and being hunted.

Fortunately, most of us no longer face actual physical threats on a daily basis, but our brains still react as if we do.

The fear that kept us in the cave hiding behind the bigger guy when the tiger was strolling by is the same fear we feel when we try new things or face unfamiliar circumstances. BUT, avoiding that fear keeps us living in this little protective bubble that actually gets really sucky once we realise how unfulfilling and miserable it is to be stuck in that smelly, dark cave. Don’t you want to get outside and dip your toes in the river?

Change occurs when we realise the pain of living in this stagnant, unsatisfying familiar zone which is worse than the discomfort of stepping outside of it, growing, and trying new things. 

Whether you’re struggling with your career, your relationships, your body image, your eating habits, your finances, or all of the above, real change can only occur once you make the decision that your familiar zone is not cutting it anymore.

It feels like it’s keeping you safe, but it’s not actually.

Not if you’re lost…

Not if you feel like a failure…

Not if you feel hopeless, and confused…

The life you yearn for lives just outside that familiar zone, although it may feel a little uncomfortable to move into that new place…at first.

But the confidence, peace, joy, and satisfaction of living your best life is well worth the temporary discomfort. I promise.

Are you at that point, where the familiar zone is starting to stink ? Are you ready to step out (and get a little uncomfortable) and start looking for your ideal life?

Let’s get on a call with our Health Coach and figure some stuff out. 

What can we talk about on the call?

· She will tell you how good it feels to bust out of the familiar zone and create a whole new life for yourself.

· She can tell you what you’re struggling with, and we can figure out a plan to get you where you want to go.

Email Us or schedule a free call if you’re ready for change. Today is the best day to get started.

Step Ahead for the New JOURNEY OF LIFE 🙂 

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